Fix unknown capacity usb drive

Fix unknown capacity usb drive
Fix unknown capacity usb drive

It's works on unknown capacity format problem.

This USB assigned G:/. (It doesnt matter what drive it detects actually, it is just for your reference if you want to refer the attached picture below, for my DISKPART command.)


Run CMD.EXE as administrator

Type following commands and hit ENTER key after each command.
· DISKPART starts the DiskPart program
· LIST DISK shows numeral assigned to disks. Note the numeral assigned to your usb stick
The numeral 1 will be used in this example
· DETAIL DISK the info shown will confirm the correctness of your selection
· CLEAN ALL the entire usb stick will be overwritten with zeros 
· CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY create a primary partition on the USB stick
· FORMAT FS=NTFS format the partition 
· ACTIVE the partition can contain operating system startup files
· ASSIGN the next available letter is assigned to the USB stick
· EXIT exit from the DISKPART program
· EXIT exit from the command shell

You can refer to below picture for your reference..

Command prompt with DISKPART commands

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